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Core Beliefs

Embrace Technology

The current education systems around the world were designed during the Industrial Revolution to prepare students to work in factories and perform mundane repetitive tasks. As Robots and machines will automate these processes we must now look at how we can interact and manage new technology as the future of the work environment

Inspired Teachers

Children will learn reading/writing/math at their school environment. Our focus at Inspire Me Academy is to support our student’s growth and development for success in their future work environment. By focusing on life skills and Emotional development, we give our students the tools to achieve success.

Create and Design

Art and beauty is not just a frivolous extra-curricular activity. It is innate to our being and definition of what makes us uniquely human. We cultivate our students natural curiosity and love for creation. We stoke their fire of creativity and design and encourage them to bring their ideas to life.

Course Focus

Art | Drama

Creativity and Confidence

Communication and Collaboration

Science | Math

Critical Thinking



Global Citizen| Presentation

Confidence Communication Critical Thinking Collaboration Caring for the World and Others

Technology | Engineering


Critical Thinking